A little about E&I.

Edward & Irwyn are one seasoned chocolatier and one apprentice who are working from a wee artisan kitchen in Edinburgh.

Inspired by everything from cold weather, cups of tea, Diana Wynne Jones and Scottish Highland forests, to Hayao Miyazaki, alchemists, perfumery, mushrooms, beer and Scandinavia… we were never going to be conventional chocolatiers.

Experimentation is an obsession, whether it be to create an unusual, evocative, perfumery inspired flavours like scots pine, juniper and smoked salt dark chocolate, or to redesign classic childhood confectionary using ingredients with provenance, such as the Real Honey Honeycomb, which is made with scottish honey and dipped in dark milk chocolate containing 51% cocoa solids.

Real Honey Honeycomb dipped in dark milk chocolate.

We thrive on the avant-garde and experimental, endeavouring to create the curious and whimsical, but at the source of everything there will be integrity, good old elbow grease, wizardry and a deep rooted respect for, and love of real chocolate.

Expect wonderful things.